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Bag O’Blooms® Strawberry Kit

Harvest Strawberries all Summer Long with the Bag O’Blooms® Strawberry Kit.

Kit includes:
10 Everbearing Strawberry Plants
1 Bag O’Blooms® Grower Bags with Handle

By adding moist potting soil and everbearing strawberry plants to Bag O’Blooms you can quickly enjoy fresh fruit all summer. Bag O’Blooms affords you the ultimate flexibility in growing your own strawberries. Ideal for patios, fences, decks, walls and lamp posts. Just follow this easy three-step process and you’ll soon have a garden you’ll be proud to hang.

Planting instructions: 1. Fill each Bag: Fill the bags with 7-8 quarts of moist potting soil. Pack soil firmly to eliminate air pockets. 2. Plant the strawberry plants: Firmly press one plant, roots first through each of the perforated round openings. Insert the plant so that the entire root system is covered with dirt, while leaving the top of the plant sticking out of the hole. For approximately two weeks, leave the bag lying flat while the roots establish themselves. Do not allow your Bag O’Blooms to dry out! 3. Hang your new creation: Using the rope, hang the bag in a location where it will receive 6-8 hours of sunlight per day. Once the bag is hanging, plant additional plants in the top of the bag. Check the bag frequently for moisture.

  • Hardy, northern grown fruits from De Groot, Inc. are low maintenance and will harvest fruit