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Dahlia, Decorative 'Rosella'

Dahlia, 'Rosella' is a gorgeous and elegant variety with bright pink blooms. This dahlia deserves every bit of attention that it gets and would be great in any garden. These large, double flowers are 5-6 inches wide. 'Rosella' dahlia blooms in mid-summer and will produce flowers through the fall until frost! It's a vigorous grower with many blooms throughout the season. This large-flowered Decorative type dahlia grows to 35 to 40" tall. A classic Dahlia, 'Rosella' has been looking beautiful in summer gardens for more than 50 years. They look fantastic as part of a border and make exceptional cut flowers. By planting Dahlia 'Rosella', you can expect butterflies and other pollinators flying around your garden or patio this Summer! Add Dahlias to your perennial garden to keep it colorful right through the fall. This plant is supplied as a tuberous root.

Dahlias are a tender perennial that is vigorous and fast growing. Bulbs must be lifted from the ground in zones 7 and lower. They make an outstanding addition to the flower border or container garden. Flowers bloom the first year and add a lovely spot of color in the garden. Heat resistant, your Dahlias will bloom from mid-summer until frost. They are a welcome addition to the garden late in the season when other flowers are fading.

Consider using Dahlia for container gardening.

A Dahlia is also great for a container garden! It can be the large hero of this arrangement! You can add many other combinations of plants for sun to the mix, for a great look on porches and patios.

Plant Details +

Height 35 to 40"
Spacing 15"
Hardiness Tender in zones 7 and lower. It will need to be lifted in late fall - once the foliage dies back simply dig it up and store in a cool, frost free location.
Exposure Full sun
Foliage Green
Flower Bright pink blooms
Bloomtime Midsummer - frost

General Information +

General Characteristics: An old-fashioned garden favorite and superb, long-lasting cut flower. Dahlias are grown from a Tuberous Root. Flowers are good for cutting. Just one flower would be a lovely display! Compact bedding dahlias are ideal for container gardens and for flower beds. Use to add height and color to gardens. This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds! Please note that pinching of the secondary buds will produce even larger flowers. Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater.

Tip: You may need a strong stake to support each plant. It is a good idea to put this in first and then place the plant by its side. Keep the plant moist yet well-drained. Deadhead spent flowers to promote the growth of additional flower buds.

Planting/Care Instructions +

Planting Instructions: Plant Dahlias in well-drained soil in a sunny location. Plant in spring, after ground, warms to about 50º F. 1. Dig a hole 3-4" deep. 2. Set the tuberous root firmly in place. 3. Cover the tuberous root with soil and water thoroughly. Supply ample moisture and fertilizer during the growing season. When the plant reaches 1-1/2' in height, trim the entire plant to 1'. In about two weeks trim the plant again back to about 1-1/2'. This will encourage your Dahlia to produce an abundance of flowers.