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Dewberry, ‘Lucretia’

Dewberry ‘Lucretia’ produces sweet shiny black berries on vines with dark green foliage.  The vines may be trained on a trellis or stakes to make harvesting easier and keep the fruit off the ground.  The early summer flowers make this plant a beautiful addition to the landscape.  Dewberries are delicious in pies, jams, cobblers, and other desserts.  They may also be enjoyed fresh.

  • Winter Hardy
  • Grows in most soils
  • Non-GMO

Plant Details +

Botanical Dewberry, Rubus roribaccus 'Lucretia'
Height 3-4'
Spacing Width 4-6 ft.
Hardiness Zones 5-9
Exposure Sun
Foliage Green
Fruit Dark Purple-Black
Harvest Mid-Late Summer

Planting/Care Instructions +

Planting Instructions: May be planted in any well-drained soil. Dig a hole large enough to encompass the roots without bending or circling. Set the plant in place so the crown (part of the plant where the root meets the stem) is about 3 inches below the soil surface. Cover with soil to the original soil surface and water thoroughly.