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Dutch Iris ‘Mix’

Dutch Iris are more delicate and graceful than other Irises and their easy care make them a must for every garden. The sword-like leaves add a vertical element to any garden. Dutch Iris are especially good for cut flowers, lasting up to two weeks in the vase. Dutch Iris also makes a colorful addition to flower beds and borders. Dutch Iris are easy to grow and live for many years, forming large clumps if well fed and left undisturbed. All have very strong stems with large, bright flowers. They look wonderful planted with alliums, lilies and other irises. They are one of those plants that are deer resistant.

Plant Details +

Height 20"
Spacing 5"
Hardiness Hardy to Zone 3-8
Exposure Full Sun-Partial Shade
Foliage Green
Flower Mixed
Bloomtime Late Spring

Planting/Care Instructions +

Planting Instructions: The product should be planted immediately after received in the fall. In extremely warm climates, plant when the ground cools. You may plant earlier or later as long as the ground is not too warm or frozen. 1. Dig a hole 2" deep. 2. Set the bulb firmly in place, with the roots facing downward. 3. Cover the bulb with soil and water thoroughly. Plant Dutch Iris about 5" apart, with the bottom of the bulb about 2" deep, or two times the height of the bulb. Grow in the fertile, preferably moist but well-drained soil. In cold climates, bulbs may be planted from late summer until ground freezes. In warm climates that are frost free, plant in late fall. Water thoroughly after planting and fertilize each spring thereafter.