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Flowering Crabapple Tree, 'Radiant'

Grow Your Own Flowering Trees! 'Radiant' is a rounded crabapple that matures to 15-20' tall. Redbuds give way to single, deep reddish-pink flowers (to 1 3/4" diameter) that bloom in spring (April). Flowers are followed by bright red crabapples (to 1/2" diameter) that mature in fall. Crabapples persist on the tree into winter, providing additional interest. Birds are attracted to the fruit. Toothed leaves emerge reddish purple in spring but mature to green by summer. The cultivar name is in reference to the appearance of the brightly colored buds and flowers. It also attracts birds and butterflies!

Intense red flower buds bloom into a cloud of bright purple-pink flowers. New leaves appear early in the season and are a rich coppery red. Extremely hardy and very resistant to disease and pests. A great focal tree for any yard. Plant in a sunny location for maximum blooms in spring.

Plant Details +

Botanical Cercis canadensis
Cultivator Type Flowering Redbud Tree
Height 15-20' or as pruned
Spacing 15-25'
Hardiness Zone 4-9, -30º to -20ºF
Exposure Best in full sun
Foliage Green to blue-green
Flower Fuchsia pink to red

General Information +

General Characteristics: This crabapple may be planted as a specimen or in small groups. Lawns, shrub borders or along patios. Attractive in naturalized settings.

Planting/Care Instructions +

Planting Instructions: May be planted in any well-drained soil. 1. Dig a hole large enough to encompass the roots without bending or circling. 2. Set top of root ball 2" above ground level. Mix ½ garden soil and ½ planting mix. 3. Mound soil to form water basin and water thoroughly. Water regularly as needed. Keeping the tree vigorous by regular watering and fertilization and by pruning out dead branches as needed will help keep the tree healthy. After the plant is established, water deeply and less frequently. Allow water to trickle out of the hose and soak the ground. Water five minutes for every foot of height. Pruning: In late winter, prune dead, diseased, and broken branches. Fertilization: In spring before new growth emerges. Use a balanced fertilizer annually to maintain a healthy tree.