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Gladiolus ‘White’

Gladiolus are often grown for elegant flower arrangements, but they are also an excellent choice to fill your garden with beautiful colors!  Their sword-like foliage and tall, impressive flower spikes make striking accents to the mixed flower border.  They are also key elements in a shrub border and amongst perennials.  Gladiolus are among the best flowers for arrangements, lasting a week or more in the vase.  These stately flower spikes are also called sword lilies.  This garden favorite is available in a rainbow of colors, and their long stems allow you to grow armloads of flowers in a small space.

Gladioli have been extensively hybridized to offer an incredible array of colors.  Plant in groups of six or more of a single color for the best garden effect, or grow dozens of them in a bed reserved for cutting.  Imagine the luxury of having armloads of glads to display around the house!

Plant Details +

Height 30-40"
Spacing 5"
Hardiness Zones 7-10; Annuals in zones 2-6
Exposure Full sun
Foliage Green
Flower White
Bloomtime Summer to Fall

Planting/Care Instructions +

Planting Instructions: Gladiolus will grow in any good garden soil but do need full sun and good drainage. Plant 4" deep in clay soils, 6" deep in others; the deeper the planting the less need for staking. Planting Tips: Stake for best appearance and straightest stems. Space planting times at two-week intervals from early spring to late June to ensure a continuation of mid and late summer blooms. Plant at biweekly intervals for continuous color. Increase water and fertilizer when flowers begin to develop. Space plants 5" apart. Plant height 30-40" tall.