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Moss Amaryllis

With big, beautiful blossoms, Amaryllis are a favorite bringing warmth and color into the home during the winter months.  These bold blooms originated in South America’s tropical regions, lending to their tropical look.  Moss Amaryllis make thoughtful gifts for holiday hosts, friends, family, and more!

Your Moss waxed Amaryllis bulb will bloom in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.  Due to its waxed exterior, it does not require water to grow.  Simply place it in a sunny location (70-75°F) but avoid direct sunlight.  Periodically rotate the bulb to encourage the stem to grow straight.

  • No need to water
  • Handmade Moss covered waxed bulb
  • Guaranteed to bloom

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Plant Details +

Common Name Amaryllis
Exposure Sun to part shade
Foliage Green
Flower Varies